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The number of dealers listed on Sheppard's who are now selling new books alongside their main stock of second-hand and antiquarian books is increasing. We now have an agreement with Gazelle Book Services that offers all registered dealers on Sheppard's World preferential trading terms on new book purchases.
  Many in the book trade are aware that the numbers of shops selling new books are diminishing rapidly. In September 2011, The Telegraph announced that the number of bookshops in Britain selling new books had halved in the past six years and now nearly 600 towns no longer have a bookshop. There are therefore golden opportunities for our side of the trade to offer the public and collectors alike a range of new books across many specialist fields of interest.

Sheppard's has worked with Gazelle for over a decade. As one of the UK's main new book distributors, it is ideally placed to make its specialist range of books available to the second-hand and antiquarian book dealers.

Gazelle Book Services, one of the most experienced book distribution companies in Europe, offers a fast and flexible sales and distribution service for over 600 publishers world-wide with over 50,000 new books in 250 subject areas. Since its inception in 1988, Gazelle has built up a portfolio of internationally acclaimed publishers and in both trade and academic & scholarly publishing. With two distinct Trade and Academic divisions, the Gazelle mission has been to 'Raise the profile and visibility of specialist publishers from around the world, to bring choice and availability to its customers'.

Sheppard's World (where dealers' business details reside) is one of the largest sources of current business data. Its sister website, Sheppard's Confidential is one of the world's main sources of book trade news with a weekly newsletter that goes out to dealers in 43 countries. It is widely respected by both dealers and collectors with support from international and national trade associations, and major trade companies.

These are the benefits for book dealers:

•  All registered dealers on Sheppard's receive a generous discount
•  Access to over 50,000 new books
•  Sale or return for full credit
•  Access to remainders
•  Priority dispatch to your door
•  Free carriage and shipping
•  Account holders will receive bespoke new book information and catalogues on subject(s) of choice for free

We invite you to browse the subject headings on the Gazelle website and if you stock books in any of the subjects on offer, you may wish to open an account with them. If so, you will need to 'sign in' using your Sheppard's access details (LogonID and Password, see below) to see the full details of this new venture between Gazelle Book Services and Sheppard's.

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Last updated 7 March 2012